Quienes somos

What we do

Donde estamos


What do we do

what do we do

From our lay vocation, embedded in the realities of the world, we work for the evangelization of society and in the service of building the Kingdom of God from the local Church

ecclesial sense of our mission

  • As members of the Body of Christ participate in the mission that the Father entrusted to the Son and, in turn, he entrusted to the Church. The risen Lord from the Father sent the Holy Spirit to foster and sustain the Church in its mission. The guide to truth, unifies her in communion and rules and energizes with many gifts. The mission entrusted to the Church is to proclaim and extend the kingdom of God, ie a proclaim salvation in Jesus Christ and lead men to the encounter with Him; develop in the world the seed of the Kingdom to renew men and make a new humanity, according to the newness of the Gospel.

the mission of Claret and the Claretian Family

  • Mission San Antonio Maria Claret was evangelization and, within it, "the missionary service of the Word". Through Claret, and the service of evangelization, the Holy Spirit raised a whole family of lay people, priests and religious, which he conceived as an army of evangelizers under the banner of the Heart of Mary. Integro communication mystery of Christ through the service of the Word occupies a nuclear place in the charisma of the Claretian family. The Word is the protagonist in our family spirit heard and welcomed, it evangelizes us; others announced by all possible means, in all its forms and with the guarantee of the testimony, leads them to an encounter with the Word made flesh.

Lay Claretian mission

  • Claretian laity carry out our evangelizing mission primarily of two ways:
    - With the Christian animation and transforming action of temporal realities.
    - And with cooperation, and lay, to the construction of the local Church as a community of faith, hope and charity.


characteristics of the mission of teh Lay Claretian

  • The principle options that inspire our ecclesial commitment and guiding, as permanent attitudes, all our actions are:
    full integration into the world;
    professional competence, which qualifies our service to others;
    the commitment to the cause of the poor and action on behalf of justice;
    incarnation in the local church and collaboration to be born and grow inculturated;
    promoting a model of Church more participatory and community where all the faithful can fully develop the responsibilities and demands of their own ecclesial mission;
    employment by multiplying the agents of evangelization;
    missionary evangelization that keeps us always attentive and available to reveal what is more urgent and necessary in our service to the cause of the kingdom of God.

Father Claret

Padre Claret

Heart of Mary

Corazón de María

Claretian Family

Familia Claretiana