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Monday, July 20

Yesterday we started the day in a little different way. A group of us decided to get up earlier to go for a short walk. One of us even took a quick and refreshing bath in one of the artificial pond. We came back for the mass.

Due to the tiredness,it had been decided that the morning will be free of work, and the host took us for another walk, leading us to the surrounding mountains and national park. She showed us the beautiful views and some remains of the Spanish civil war. The trip was a great time to rest for a while, take pictures, and get together.


We came back to work in the afternoon,when the election process started.

The elections are multiple steps operation in which a lot of thinking, discussing, and praing are involved. First, everyone could give their own candidates, who later said a few words about themselves and their disponibility. We also discussed the responsibilities of the new post in the community, responsible for internal and external communication.

We spent the evening with the sounds of a Spanish guittar, listening to a very moving and beautiful voice and music of Pedro Sosa.





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