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Tuesday 21

Today, we started with an Eucharist, which preceded the discussion over the LCM financial report, prepared by Patty. It has been indicated that it is a part of our identity to care financially for the Community and for the others. Even though there are many expenses, mostly related to the work of the Council and the organization of the Assembly, if everyone payed the recommended amount of money (which is $10 per year per member of the Community), there would be... no financial problems, and even the Community would be experiencing abundancy in this matter.

The second part of the day was very important for the entire Family, since we were selecting the General Secretary. The process was complex and surrounded by the prayers. We had been assured that many various people from the Claretian Family pray for us and call the Holy Spirit to work in us during the Assembly.
First, we were invited to individually pray, calling Mary and st. Claret for intercession. Next, we could share in pairs out thoughts and intentions, finishing with the group prayer in the chapel. The sense of solemnity and prayer could be felt in the entire house. Each of us recognised the importance of the elections.
All in all, out new General Secretary is Bernadeta Arbaiza. We continue praying for her so that Holi Spirit works in her and equips her with necessary gifts.

Tomorrow, there will be other members of the Council elected. Also the decisions on the new post of the communication secretary will be taken.

Please, continue praying for the Assembly and for us!

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