Bernardeta Arbaiza, new communication delegate


The General Council, at its meeting held on 13 October, decided to appoint Bernardeta Arbaiza, from the CES-Leioa community in the Northern Region of Spain, as the new communication delegate for our Movement.

Bernardeta has been the previous Secretary General for the four-year period from 2015 to 2019 and during this period she promoted the implementation of a communication plan for the Movement, in which she was personally involved in a determined commitment to promote more frequent and fluid contact with different groups, communities and regions.
She replaces Luis Rodríguez Huertas, who had been carrying out this task magnificently since 2013, and who had requested her replacement for personal reasons. The General Council would like to express its deepest gratitude to Luis, for the work developed during all these years of service together with the communications team, of which he will continue to be a part, as well as to Bernardeta, for his generous willingness to collaborate with this Council in the development of all the challenges that the Movement must face in matters of communication in the coming years in accordance with the strategic lines approved by the General Assembly.

General Council of LCM