Congratulations from de Genral Curia


Rome, 1 July 2017.

Dear Lay Claretians:

On 8 July 1983, the Lay Claretian Movement was launched at the I General Assembly of the MSC (or the II World Congress) at Villa de Leyva (Boyacá – Colombia), held between the 3 and the 10 July of that year.

On the verge of commemorating that Assembly and celebrating the 34th birthday of the Lay Claretian Movement, the General Superior of the Claretian Missionaries, P. Mathew Vattamattam, the General Council and the Community of the General Curia send words of remembering and congratulations.

We wish that the Holy Spirit, who made Jesus of Nazareth burn in zeal (John 2,17), who burnt Saint Paul and the Apostles, Saint Antonio Maria Claret, Josep Xifré and the 109 Claretian martyrs that – God willing- will be beatified on 21 October this year, continue to move all and every one of the Lay Claretians, and so the Movement continues to open and display its sails under the impulse of the Spirit´s breath.

Joseba Kamiruaga Mieza cmf.

(General Secratary cmf)