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Vademecum: Commentary of the MSC to the Word on Sunday 2017-18

Vademecum (example)

Father Claret always carried a "vademecum" with notes, homilies, reflections… that helped him in his daily task of evangelization.

Also our "VADEMECUM" intended as a tool to feed the daily life of groups and communities of Lay Claretians, and other people who want to drink this fundamental source of our spirituality as is the Word of God.

Among the riches that contains "Vademcum" is the fact that each week is prepared by a group / community different from all the countries and regions where Lay Claretian Movement is implanted.

It is a good tool for own prayer and reflection as for group prayers.

Here you can find the weekly editions in Spanish and English:

COURSE 2017-18
1st October 2017 Equipo de Comunicación Spanish English
8th October 2017 Tabor - Granada (España) Spanish English
15th October 2017 Génesis - Puerto Plata (Rep. Dominicana) Spanish English
29th October 2017 Camino Misionero (Colombia) Spanish English
5th November 2017 CLIP (Madrid, España) Spanish English
12th November 2017 SSCC Ciudad de México (México DF, México) Spanish English
19th November 2017 Comunidad de María (Sevilla, España) Spanish English
26th November 2017 Santa María La Antigua (Panamá) Spanish English
3th December 2017 Corazonistas (Cochabamba, Bolivia) Spanish English
10th December 2017 Encarna Portaz (Pentecostes, Somontín, España) Spanish English
17th December 2017 Karla Valdivieso (San Pedro Sula, Honduras) Spanish English
25th December 2017 Tino Rodríguez (Emaús, Sevilla, España) Spanish English
6th January 2018 SSCC de Gijón (Gijón, España) Spanish English
14th January 2018 Mediotrato (Colombia) Spanish English
21th January 2018 Holy Cross (Chicago, USA) Spanish English
28th January 2018 Emaús (Sevilla, España) Spanish English
4th February 2018 Pedro Cardona (Montevideo, Uruguay) Spanish English
18th February 2018 SSCC de Arequipa (Perú) Spanish English
25th February 2018 Mª Luz Requena (Buensuceso, Granada, España) Spanish English
4th March 2018 Jordán (Sevilla, España) Spanish English
11th March 2018 José Portaz, sc (Pentecostés, Somontín, España) Spanish  
18th March 2018 Miriam (Badajoz, España) Spanish English
29th March 2018 Pedro García, cmf (Centro América Spanish  
1th April 2018 Anclistas (Barquisimeto, Venezuela) Spanish English
13th May 2018 Logroño Joven (Logroño, España) Spanish English
20th May 2018 CES  (Las Palmas de GC, España) Spanish English
27th May 2018 Shalom (Málaga, España) Spanish English
3th June 2018 Antioquía (Sevilla, España) Spanish English
9th June 2018 General Council MSC Spanish English


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