Easter message from Venezuela

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The Lay Claretians of Venezuela want to share with joy that “Claret is still alive” in our country, that in the face of the challenges presented by the present world, we continue being evangelizers of peace, hope and justice in the construction of the Kingdom.

We are in solidarity with the most unprotected, we are committed to missionary service according to the word of God, we actively participate in the local Church, we are tireless Claretians who denounce death, destruction and lack of dignity, all of this driven by the Holy Spirit, who encourages us to continue being a community centred on Christ, who lives discovering ways to revitalise our spirituality and where we profoundly proclaim that Jesus is the master of our lives, that he has risen and lives in the hearts of each one of us.

The joy of the Risen Jesus invites us to continue to be light on earth, dispelling all darkness, bringing hope to our Lives.

Yolmar Linares (Venezuela)