Giving thanks like a family

  Claretian Family

On Saturday, July 7, a thanksgiving Eucharist was celebrated for the appointment of the Claretian missionary, Monsignor Aquilino Bocos Merino cmf as cardinal of the Church.

Invited by the province of Santiago of the Claretian missionaries, Arturo Peñas -vocal of economy of the Northern region of Spain- Nieves Sabina -coordinator of the Bética region- and Miguel Ángel Sosa -secretary of formation of the movement- attended as representatives of the Movement of Lay Claretians

With the simplicity and affability that characterize him, the new cardinal expressed during the homily his desire that this appointment contribute to reinforce, not only in him, but in the congregation and in the whole Claretian family, our commitment to continue serving the mission of the Church, being missionaries who burn in charity, who burn wherever they pass, who do not get upset in the face of difficulties and who only think about continuing to work for the salvation of all souls.

After the Eucharist, a small meeting was held in which attendees had the opportunity to congratulate Cardinal Bocos and share with him the joy of this appointment in a more familiar and relaxed atmosphere than in the official events held during the past weeks.