In Venezuela, we sprout like a river of living water.

  Región Venezuela

In Venezuela, we continue to flow like a river of living water to quench our thirst for the Lord.

Jesus, through the Holy Spirit, continues to call us to expand His kingdom. With great joy, the Lay Claretian Movement in the Venezuela region continues to enliven our faith through prayer and action.

On June 24th, we were active in a double training session. In the first session, the Regional Council of Venezuela traveled to the rural settlement in the Aguedo Felipe Alvarado municipality of Lara State to participate in the training with the Lay Claretians of Usera (SECLAUS) and Lay Claretians of La Guadalupe (Bobare), where we shared pastoral experiences guided by the Claretian charism.

The second session commemorated the centenary of the arrival of the Claretian missionaries in Venezuela. We held Claretian Formation, aiming to introduce our parish community and the faithful to the theme: Lay Claretians: Life and Action. The excellent presentation by Edgar Cedeño was based on the life of St. Anthony Mary Claret, which inspired us to embrace the life and action of the Lay Claretians, bearing witness to the Church from our domestic life to the corners where the Holy Spirit calls us. We are in the world but not of the world.

Edgar emphasized that our lives should be a living example, resembling that of Jesus. Our actions, from service, apostolate, home, work, and studies, should reflect the true face of God. Our missionary life follows the teachings and footsteps marked by St. Anthony Mary Claret. Undoubtedly, love, service, and approaching our neighbors allow us to live his life in our present time as men and women in the service of the Gospel.

Yolmar Linárez Lay Claretian in Venezuela