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The Lay Claretian from Medio Atrato – Quibdó (Colombia) work for promoting their environment

The Lay Claretian from Medio Atrato – Quibdó share with us their worries and projects.

Dear Bernadeta: Receive a fraternal greeting from us and our best wishes for you, your General Council group mates, relatives and friends.

This year is being very active and there is actually no time for personal stuff. We are cheerful because the DGA has approved us a project for the construction of a School of Arts and Professions in the Citadel MIA (Mestiza, Indigenous and Afro) and adjoining sectors of Quibdó. The project started the 1st of February and we must ask for building permission in the city hall of Quibdó, we are at it. We are also preparing the units for the integral personal formation of 300 people among children, teenagers, adolescents, women and adults, in self-esteem, project of life, values, human rights, ethnic rights, gender equality, generational changes, public policies, among others, to initiate the next month of May. The Professions we are at first offering are: electric installations, mobile phone reparation, electrical appliance reparation, motorbike and bike reparation, plumbing and handmade arts (sewing, knitting, embroidering, and painting); kids and teenagers are offered music and dancing.

The group of Lay Claretian from Medio Atrato-Quibdó make up in December of 1994 the Lay Claretian Association, a non-profit entity that belongs to the special regime. The Tax and National Custom Department of Colombia is requiring that all the non-profit entities must request the term, in the special regime, for which we must present some documents. Another requirement is that information have to be shown in the webpage of the Association of LC. We do not have webpage, so we ask you for help to share the information by the webpage of the Lay Claretian Movement (www.seglaresclaretianos.org), as this process is compulsory and it finishes on April 30th. We already have all the information gathered and the accountant has uploaded it to the DIAN platform, but we have not still published it on the webpage.

We will tell you how we are doing with the School of Arts and Professions, we are very happy and it is very necessary for young people and women to have opportunities of work and formation as people.

Congratulations for all the work you are doing as General Council, we hope to participate many people from Chocó in the next general assembly, since it is held in Colombia we can assist easier.

A strong hug and many greeting  from Justy, Martha, Carmen Rosa and other group mates. 

Aurora Bailon (LC Colombia)




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