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Dear JPIC Promoter,

We continue to remember in our prayers the intensions of the Amazon Synod as we consider what is our to do to courageously stand against the injustices of the Indigenous people and determine ways to move forward together.  The important outcome for this final week will be determining a direction for a new path for the Church and for an Integral pathway.

October—A Missionary “Spring” in the Church. That the breath of the Holy Spirit engenders a new missionary “spring” in the Church. The video of the Apostleship of Prayer is available the first Friday of the month.

5-28 October—AMAZONIA: CASA COMUN. Click link for a list of prayer services and informative, inspiring events in support of the Amazonian Synod. 



24 October—United Nations Day marks the anniversary of the UN Charter’s entry into force and celebrates everything that the UN represents and has achieved since its establishment in 1945

24 October—World Development Information Day aims to “draw the attention of the world to development problems and the need to strengthen international cooperation to solve them.



21 October—10 am to 12 pm. The Impacts of Mining from the Perspective of Laudato Si’. An opportunity to know the issues and the struggles related to mining in Brazil and in other countries. Piazza Pia 3, Roma. Marconi room in the Vatican Radio. Presenters: Sr Dani Brought, ASC, Sr. Sheila Kinsey, FCJM and representation for the Indigenous Communities. Presentation in English and Spanish with simultaneous translations.

25 October—7 pm to 8 pm. United in Listening to the Murmur of the Forest. Prayer in gratitude for the Amazon Synod. In Chiesa de San Marcello al Corso, Piazza San Marcello al Corso, n. 5-Roma. 


2-6 December—Formation Workshop for JPIC Promoters. Theme: New Wine and a Call to Holiness. This workshop provides new Promoters with the tools needed to animate members of their congregation. Others engaged in JPIC-related ministries are welcome to attend the full workshop or individual sessions. Click here for more information and to register.

Thanks for all you are doing to make this world a better place!
Sr. Sheila Kinsey, FCJM



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