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Claretian Family workshop on Shared Mission

Last november, the Claretian Family in Spain organized a workshop to reflect together about the shared mission, a topic that affects us because of the significance and incarnation of the Claretian Charism today.

Nineteen people participated -twelve consecrated and seven lay people- from the Lay Claretian Movement, Missionaries of the Claretian Institution, Claretian Missionaries and some other lay people committed in their apostolic positions. Miren Elejalde, Montse Jiménez, Mariola Sosa and Isidro Rodríguez participated on behalf of the Lay Claretian Movement.

Their aim was to set out the difficulties that have arisen after the way traveled in order to continue progressing in the future, rather than advancing on the theological discussion about the shared mission.

The overall evaluation of the workshop was quite positive, because it focused on the Holy Spirit's call for evangelize in communion, from the complementarity of Christian life forms, in the style of Claret.



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