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Austria visit Mexico

The Lay Claretian of the City of Mexico had the visit of Lisl Janu and Katharina, two wonderful people, coming from Austria and Lay people who collaborate with Claretians of that country. They were with us from 6 to 11 of March.

The afternoon of Monday 6 of March, they landed in City of Mexico and Julita, Matilde and Father Román Angel went to the airport to pick them up and took them to the Lay Claretian Formation House, located in Lourdes street. Father Román knows them for years and they have had a great friendship since he studied in Europe. This helped us a lot because he made a constant labour of translation during these days, as they do not speak Spanish and we do not speak German.

On Tuesday 7th, we took them to know the religious heart of the country: the Basilica of Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe. After greeting the “Dark-skinned Virgin” (Virgen Morena), we went to Saint Hipolito. That afternoon, we gathered as Lays in the Dispensary of Valle to exchange life experiences and missionary work. In the reunion, Father Alejandro Quezada was present too; he is the assessor of our group. They talked a lot about Father Josef García Cascales and the great boost he gave Lay Claretians in Austria. Once the reunion finished, we made a toast and had a snack.

On Wednesday 8th, festivity of San Juan de Dios, F. Roman Angel took them to visit City of Toluca and, specially, the first house of Claretians in Mexican Republic: Saint Veracurz.

On Thursday 9th, we travelled to Cuautla, in the Morelos State, to visit “Claret Homes” (Hogares Claret) to verify the work is done with kids and young people of primary and secondary. After that, we cross the street and celebrated with the kids of NIEV (Kids with Illusion and Hope of Life) the 4th anniversary of the house, F. Román celebrated a Eucharist and the kids prepared with pretty painted posters an explanation of their work in NIEV, we had a good meal, by the way, they prepared mole, rice and water of Jamaica; we enjoyed a lot as all of this took place at the garden. We had an incredible time.

On Friday 10th, we went to Chalco to visit the other NIEV house (there are three houses: Chalco, Cuautla and City Netzahualcóyotl). F. Román talked to them for a while about several issues. Then, we went back to City of Mexico, we ate in a Vips Restaurant and we headed for the Forest of Chapultepec, we saw the famous Castel, went around it, took some photos and suddenly the rain started and made us go back to the car. With the rain, the traffic in the City was terrible, so we close the day on Begoña’s house, where they had prepared the snack.

The last day, Saturday 11th, we took them to the airport to take the plane destined to Columbia to visit Claret Homes. Our group was composed by Mati Moreno, Julita Villanueva, Idalia Céspedes, Begoña Ferráez and Maria del Rosario Luna, with the kind Father Román Ángel Moreno, our translator and friend.

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