Start of the Year Retreat of the Claretian Family of the Basque Country

  Claretian Family, Norte Region

On Saturday 10 September, members of the Claretian Family of the Basque Country met in the house that the Claretian Missionaries have in Aguarain. We were happy to share a retreat day, which started at 10am with a prayer led by Juan Martín Askaiturrieta cmf. Following, Xabier Larrañaga cmf talked about the importance of “heart purity” and trying to seeing God rather than seeing oneself.

Mercy is the path that links God and the man, because it opens the heart to the hope of being loved forever despite the limit of our sin”. We should not forget that God does not get tired of forgiving because God sees what we are: humans, sons and daughters, brothers and sisters, with a history and a future.

After the coffee, we met in group to share two questions: how my faith is and what helps me to make my faith grow; and how I look to people, in particular to people with whom I have most difficulties. We celebrated the Eucharist and shared lunch before returning to our own places.

Nerea Pérez (CES Leioa – North Spain)