Summer meeting at CES community (Bilbao)

  Norte Region

On Saturday June 18th we advanced the summer calendar to celebrate the summer meeting of the CES-SC community in the house of Dima (Bizkaia). For some years we have seen the need to make our meetings to share and celebrate what we are. And right now we are younger on average, because of the number of children low down the average age considerably. We 42, 18 were children, and generally quite small.

In the morning we received an invitation to participate in family pastoral school Askartza Claret (Leioa). Also (and especially) the matter of decreasing. So we saw two videos, one of Ekologistak Martxan (Ecologists in Action) and other of Carlos Taibo on Attac tv. We selected two sentences: “economic growth without limit is not possible, because the resources are finite” and “The growth of the rich is hold by the plundering of the poor”. Later we met in groups to exchange experiences on the subject. Meanwhile the children held a handcraft workshop with recycled materials. All this must be put under the light of the Word, so afterwards we joined in the celebration enlivened with children’s songs, and the Word told us of lilies and birds of the field and the treasure we have kept in our hearts.

After lunch (which is a pleasure especially with good company) we spent the afternoon together playing “burning field”, enjoying the sun that came out after the rain and sharing several snacks that each family had brought.

End of the party! With best wishes for a happy and spiritual summer,

Diego and María (CES-SSCC)