“They’re killing us slowly” Meeting


Our Polish Lay Claretian group is organizing a very special meeting with a person from the Open Doors organisation. They are helping persecuted Christians all over the world.

The meeting will be held on March 5th, and we want to invite about 50 people from various groups and movements.

During the meeting, our special guest will make us familiar with how the persecuted Church lives and how the persecutions are related to US, since we are One Body. Hence, the title of the meeting is “They’re killing us slowly.”

You are all kordially invited. If you decide to come, let me know in advance, so that I could organise a place to stay and an interpreter.

If you want to know more or enroll, contact with:

Przemek Wilczynski
e-mail: klaretyniswieccy@gmail.com

In order to be well prepared for the meeting, we are publishing intentions of daily prayer for persecuted Christians worldwide on facebook.

More about Open Doors (also in Spanish): www.opendoors.org