135th Anniversary Celebration of the Death of María Antonia Paris

  Claretian Family, Norte Region

On January 17, the Claretian Missionaries remembered the 135 years of the death of their founder, María Antonia Paris, and wanted to thank and celebrate it with the Family, on Saturday, the 18th, in the chapel of the Mater Immaculate School in Madrid.

In a very cozy atmosphere we celebrate the Eucharist presided by the cmf Angel of the Party. Our founders Claret and Paris were present throughout the celebration, especially the latter. So he reminded us in the Angel of the Part homily.

The message of María Antonia París, 135 years after her death, is still alive in the Church. The best demonstration is the presence in the Church of the same DON that she received and that, with the support of San Antonio María Claret, transmitted to the whole Church as a precious inheritance, which can be summarized as follows:

  • A deep love for EVANGELICAL POVERTY, which, as she herself said, is the master key that introduces the Holy Law of God into the hearts of the faithful
  • UNITE the action with contemplation, in order to transmit to the brothers the burning love of Christ, which has come true alive in the spirit itself
  • MAKE the road to others EASY, even if it costs to go ahead, making way so that those who come behind have easy access to the encounter with the Lord Jesus

The Claretian missionaries took advantage of the Family meeting and the celebration to present their new congregational logo. They offered what they are and want to continue building, a family that from the Meeting with the Word and its announcement. They try to embody it in the community and in the places to which they are sent accompanied by Mary the great sign of their walk.

This logo has been designed by a Claretian layman, Auxi, from the Bética region. The following link shows the meaning of it (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ITodcx0whVk).

After the celebration we enjoyed a rich agape and the good company of the Family.

On behalf of the Region we participate Arturo, Lourdes and Inés.


Inés Crespo (Antiguos Alumnos Madrid)

Misioneras claretianas