3rd Day – Getting to know each other and dreaming

  11st General Assembly

The beginning of the day was the prayer prepared by Nigeria. Something different from what we are used to, they presented us with things typical of their culture by means of different objects with different symbolism, they even dressed Father Claret in their ceremonial clothes. The prayer ended by trying to sing all together the hymn that they proposed to us.

After breakfast we gathered again in the hall to start the day’s work and continue with the presentation of the regions and groups that were missing. Remember that the most relevant data and news about them we can see and know from the website, encourage you to enter and get to know us.

Octavio, CMF, adviser of Cameroon in representation of the lay groups there, gave us a little history of how the Claretians arrived in Cameroon, the difficulties they have because of the languages, the lack of infrastructures and means for communication, but how in spite of that they are consolidating and growing.

Conchita and Gina present the communities present in the USA and Canada. Two very different realities, with their own characteristics and circumstances, but very firm in their charisma and work.

Aida, Pilar and María Rosario presented the communities in Mexico. Each one with its weaknesses and obstacles, but with very significant achievements in their long trajectory.

Paola and Mayu, together with the rest of the members from Northern Spain, presented the Region. The possible expansion towards Europe is highlighted by the contacts they are having with France, Switzerland and soon in the north of Italy.

After a break, Monica and Marianela presented the situation in Chile and how, despite the distances they have there, they continue in their union with the Movement.

Finally, Miguelo gave us a brief presentation of other groups that are not present at the Assembly: Argentina, Uruguay, Poland, Zimbabwe and Japan.

Pedro, CMF, general adviser, wants to clarify that in his work as adviser of the Movement he tries to transmit to his brothers of the congregation the meaning of being a Lay Claretian, so that they can transmit it.

Then, before beginning the explanations of how the survey will be carried out prior to the elections for the new General Council, we prayed and invoked the Holy Spirit.

The afternoon began with a reminder of the importance of the family in our lives and in particular our spouse, and we congratulated Tino and Auxi on their 31st wedding anniversary.

In the first part of the afternoon, we worked in small groups to talk and start working on the next lines of action. Knowing the communities with our strengths and/or opportunities and our weaknesses and/or threats, we discussed them in the groups. After the dialogue each group selected a maximum of 3 of each to hand over to the strategy team with a view to the next four years’ lines of action.

Before the break Edith from Nigeria wanted to share with us her journey of transformation in faith and entry into the movement.

The second part of the afternoon was spent on DREAMING. Led by Juan Carlos, CMF, we had a dynamic talk-retreat about what it is to dream. Several parts: a reflection on the biblical meaning of dreaming; the video “I have a Dream” by Martin Luther King, to describe with an example what it is to have a dream and a practical relaxation exercise to dream about our community in 2030.

The day ended with the Eucharist prepared by Colombia. In this Eucharist, the consecration to the Spirit was shown with different gestures throughout the celebration.