Argentina and Uruguay communicate what they lived at the General Assembly


In the beginning of October, Nené Saroba travelled from Uruguay to Argentina, and she met Petra Mallen in Buenos Aires. Then they went together to Córdoba to represent the Lay Claretian Movement in the celebration of father Tomás Agüero’s golden jubilee. Father Tomás helped so much the Lay Claretians in the former region of Argentina-Uruguay.

Nené took advantage of the opportunity and met the “Renacer con Claret” group. In that way she told them what she lived at the General Assembly in Granada. They arranged a formative meeting of their groups for the next year, in order to strengthen each other.

The “P. Cardona” group, in Montevideo, has also met at this time. Some elderly people came, and Nené visited at their homes those who were unable to attend. She told them what happened at the Assembly and showed them the pictures, spending a touching time.

In Uruguay the Lay Claretians have attended the National Rosary for the families of Uruguay. It was a nice experience, that involved people from all the country. A statue of Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal traveled in a van in the rain for 300 km, and people joined until there were 22 buses and many more cars. The Rosary was prayed outdoors in the “Plaza de la Hispanidad” of Durazno, in the centre of the country.

They also went on a retreat with the Cordimarian Filiation sisters in September in Montevideo, living moments of unity in Claretian Family.

These are all signs that the Movement is still alive and strong in the groups in this area, thanks to the effort, loyalty and generosity of its members.