At the anniversary of the official approval of our Movement

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From Medellín (Colombia), where the General Council is currently taking place, we send you warm and loving greetings.
The Council Members arrived a few days ago to prepare the next General Assembly. We have been warmly welcomed by Luz Mery and Magda, from the Regional Council of Colombia, and by Fr. Walter as the Curia´s host, where we are staying. Justy, Gloria and Carmen, Lay Claretians from Chocó, who happened to be in Medellín, came by to say hello and we all celebrated Holy Thursday at the Jesus Nazareno parish.
One of the preparatory tasks has been visiting the place where the Assembly will take place. It is a beautiful house, with a lovely garden and great views over the city, and we will have been given all things that we may eventually need. Surely, we will be very comfortable, so the Assembly will be a success!
In addition, we have taken the opportunity to learn about two projects with an important Claretian in Colombia- the Biblical Exhibition (Muestra Bíblica), created by Fr. Gonzalo de la Torre, and the Claret Households (Hogares Claret). Both projects have deeply impressed us for different reasons.
And, in between meetings, we saved some time to remember the anniversary of the official approval of the Movement and to thank God for the wealth that the Lay Claretian vocation means for all of us.
From here, we want to remember all of us who are part of the Movement and we ask God to keep encouraging and strengthening us in our identity and mission and we ask the Virgin Mary to guard and protect us all in Her Mother´s Heart.

Edison, Miguelo, Manolo cmf y Bernardeta (General Council)