Bética. Responsibles Meeting

  Betica Region Spain

We began our expected responsibles meeting in the hands of the Mary’s Heart. In prayer we made a contemplation of the various parts that make up the image of the Heart of Mary that was our motto in our previous Assembly. At the end we were invited to leave in her hands our communities and region.

The working session in the morning consisted in two parts. At first the action lines approved in our assembly were presented, differentiating between those for the regional council and those involving community work in our communities . Once finished this presentation, that also includes the training theme: MOTHER’S HEART, matter for this year, those attending the meeting were invited to have some personal time to read and internalize those lines of action and to consider what real and concrete proposals can be made to work them in community.

Once personal time is up we had time to work in groups which have reflected in the action lines. There have been four working groups and a separate area for delegates. Upon completion of this little bit of work in small groups, we joined a large group to share the fruits that have emerged from our reflections.

In the afternoon session, as we didn’t have time to finish sharing reflection groups, we started with the sharing of the last points of the lines of action. Then, we begin with the presentation of the General Assembly of Granada. Tino suggested to share the experience those who have attended such meeting to. The time to exchange experience was very fraternal and really from the heart. Once finished sharing, Tino exposed all the work that has been done in the assembly. To end the day, we celebrated the Eucharist in the chapel of the Claretian Curia, and grateful, we said goodbye.