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Following the news already published, Martha and Miguelo send us messages from Chicago telling the extraordinary welcome they have received, both by the CMF, as the lay claretians there, especially from Conchita Rodriguez, who hasn’t separated from them while their mission in Chicago has lasted.

They have been able to meet Father Paul Smith, manager on energizing the assembly, and they have talked to many laypeople interested in learning about the Movement. Accompanied by Father Bruce they have gone to a local to listen live music. They have been able to talk to the provincial, Fr. Rosendo, who has encouraged them to do regular visits to the region to promote lay Claretian groups as much as possible, and they have felt infected by the missionary zeal of Father Alex. In addition, the meeting with Father Reegan, parish priest of Sherbrooke in Canada, they have brought the good news that there is a group of parishioners of Latin origin who are interested in the charisma of the Lay Claretian and, almost certainly, will begin discernment to Lay claretian

After these intense days, they are now promoting by other US locations with Father Alex and at the end, Martha will visit Mexico. We will tell you about it in a few days.

On behalf of the General Council, thanks for the welcome and warmth shown in the province of USA-Canada.

Bernardeta Arbaiza, General Secretary