Getting to know our movement in Cameroon

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The Regional Council of Cameroon, along with our chaplain, on the occasion of the zone meeting of our movement in the Western region of Cameroon.

Our movement in Cameroon is represented in three different areas due to the size of our country. Namely:

  1. The central zone – Cameroon, which currently consists of five groups resulting from parishes led by Claretian missionaries. And there are still five other parishes out of the ten in the central area to expand our movement!
  2. Next, we have the coastal and southwestern zone of Cameroon, which has three (03) groups from three parishes led by Claretian missionaries.
  3. Finally, the Western and Northwestern zone of Cameroon, which also has three groups from two parishes, in addition to a group that is followed and encouraged by the Claretian Sisters (RMI).

Claretian Laity from the central zone of Cameroon on the occasion of their day of friendship and reflection at the novitiate of the Claretian missionaries in Ekali, near the town of Mbalmayo in the central region of Cameroon.