Isabel Gómez, new delegate for the CLARETIAN FAMILY

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The General Council has appointed Isabel Gómez as the new delegate of the Lay Claretian Movement for the coordination with the Claretian Family. She will be charged by the Council to ensure the presence of the Movement in the coordination areas that are being promoted in the Claretian family, and to encourage the lay claretians in the growth of love, affection and knowledge of all the branches and expressions of our charism.

Married and mother of 3 children, Isabel has been part of the community “Antioquia”, in Seville (Betica region) for 20 years, with which she joined the Movement in 2005. She is a family doctor and director of a health centre in a neighbourhood in need of social transformation. All her life of faith has been linked to the Claretian family both in Don Benito, her native town, and in Seville where she currently resides, maintaining a close relationship with the CMF and RMI missionaries, as well as with Cordimarian Filiation, in which she even has a blood relative.

Isabel replaces Tino Rodríguez, who, for personal reasons, requested to be relieved of this service. The General Council wants to thank Tino for his magnificent work and his dedication to the strengthening of the fraternal bonds of the Movement with the rest of the Claretian family, and to Isabel, for her generosity and availability to develop this service, with which we, the lay Claretians, want to continue growing in communion with all those who accompany us on the journey, sharing the Claretian identity.


Miguel Angel Sosa, General Secretary