Lets´s get ready for Peace: Formation meeting in Colombia

  Colombia Region

On the first days of November the lay claretians met under the motto: “Let’s get ready for peace”. In this formation meeting they could reflect on the relevant moment that the country is going through. All this, taking as a basis their missionary and claretian  perspective in order to bring that reflection to their personal and community life.

Carlos Manotas, media secretary for Colombia felt very happy about the meeting:

We shared an atmosphere of fraternity and felt deep inside the strength of the Spirit and the fire which comes from San Anthony Mary Claret. All the participants lived the meeting intensely and deeply, sharing their vision of the movement in a positive way. 

After the opening prayer, the formation focused on the following aspects: conflicts and peace process, projects development and spirituality. Fr. Ángel was responsible for the last one.

We finally asked God for his blessing and his grace, and Mary, our mother, to guide us and protect us with her love.

It has been a satisfying experience in our lives which has filled us with joy and has encouraged us to follow this Claretian charisma.