New Lay Claretians joining the Movement in CES/SC

  Norte Region

On 9 June, Pentecost day, together with the coming of the Holy Spirit, the CES-SC community of Leoia and the community of the Claret School of Askartza celebrated the coming to the Lay Claretian movement of Ana Salazar, Enara Arrieta, Nerea Hernández Aretxabaleta, Eneko Gorriño and Jon Ander Agirretxu.

As former students at the Claret School, Enara, Nerea, Eneko and Jon Ander took part in the youth and university pastoral activities. Then, four years ago, they started participating at the SC community, where they have done their discernment path. Ana is the mother of a school student and, as a result of accompanying her daughter to the Sunday mass, she gradually learned about and participated in the community activity.
In this path, they have discovered the response to God´s call in the Lay Claretian movement, to live, share and communicate their faith in Claret´s style, as a caring and preaching community.
We thank God for the lives, vocation, compromise and testimony of these sisters and brothers, and we welcome them with joy, so we all continue building God´s big dream.

Ana, Enara, Nerea, Eneko y Jon Ander