On the 34th anniversary of the constitution of our Lay Claretian Movement


On July 10, 1983, a group of people meeting in Assembly in Villa de Leyva signed the act of constitution of the Lay Claretian Movement. This formal but moving act, carried out with a lot of work and enthusiasm, translated into concrete terms the deep conviction that the Holy Spirit was inspiring the rebirth of a secular branch of the Claretian charisma. Today, 34 years after that event, we can only give thanks to God and his Spirit for the immense gift of our charisma that fulfils and renews our life which is firmly committed with the mission of Jesus and his Church.

It is also fair to take this opportunity to remember all those people who, conscious or not of the importance of their work, have been part of the Movement. We would also like to take into consideration all the Claretian missionaries who have joined us on our journey, sharing their life and their work so that the Word of God could reach all corners of the earth. Thanks to all those who have done their bit so that the Movement could be – even with its imperfections – a wonderful reality with an exciting future. Let’s thank God for all of them, both for those who are still present and for those who are no longer with us for whatever reason. May they always be our reference when facing our missionary task. Our live will bear plenty of fruit if we allow the Spirit to bless us with this precious charisma. In this way, we will build the Movement together passing on the baton to new generations in the future.

Let’s commend to the Heart of our Mother all those lay claretians who have taken part, take part and will take part of the Movement. We send you a very warm greeting as an expression of our fraternal communion on this very significant day in our history. May the joy of witnessing the growth of the Movement renew our spirits and give us the strength we need to go ahead.

Congratulations to everybody.

Bernardeta, Miguelo, Edison, Manolo cmf, Luis Antonio
Consejo General y delegado de comunicación del MSC
General Council and Delegate of Media of the LCM


In this day we share with you a pray prepared by lay claretians of Colombia. Here is.