Przemek, from Poland, sharing with us

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Dear friends

First , I am sorry for writing to you in English. I hope it will change to Spanish soon

My mini-testimony

I can say that before coming to the General Assembly, I knew the LCM only in theory. I knew the documents, a little bit of Tino, and… that’s it. I was going to Spain full of anxiety, because I was worried that I would be and feel as an outsider, and not as one of you. I was praying to God to do something about it. Especially that sometimes when I am facing some difficult situation (what in that case was mainly the language barrier and so much work), I get frustrated and am difficult to talk to. If you don’t believe me, ask my friends and… my wife. So, when I arrived, from the first minutes I felt one of you. God took my fear away and gave me the sense of unity and brotherhood. I immediately felt one of you, and in the centre of everything that was going on.
Another thing I want to thank God for is the feeling of being guided by Him all the time. Before the Assembly, I had some ideas or personal views on the Community. I was so surprised how in some aspects my views and ideas were changed, adjusted to God’s will.
The time at the Assembly gave me a chance to get to know the Community better, to ‘touch’ you, to look into your eyes, and to listen to you. I had an opportunity to taste the “Spanish life.” It gave me a lot to talk about to my community in Poland, and gave me the strengths to work more to make the Polish group bigger and more involved.

Our current activities

My friends, our community in Poland has been very busy after the Assembly. We take part in smaller events happening in the Claretian Family (like attending the foot pilgrimage, or celebrating St. Claret’s Day), we had a weekend retreat to pray and listen to God’s will for us, and we are preparing ourselves for two bigger events in the nearest future.
In December, we are going to Germany (Frankfurt) where we were invited by the Claretian priests to help with a youth meeting.
In March, we are organising a big meeting with a member of the Open Doors organisation. That organisation helps persecuted Christians around the world. He will talk about what they do and how ordinary people can get involved.
Of course, we still have our week meetings on Skype where we share the Sunday gospel. And there are new people who are joining us.

May God bless you

Przemek Wilczynski sc