The General Council meets to plan the next four years

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After a few months of touchdown and virtual meetings, The General Council meets to plan the next four years.

From October 9th to 12nd the first face to face meeting of the new General Council of the Lay Claretian Movement -who was elected at the Ninth General Assembly of Granada in July 2015-, was held in Seville, after a few months of touchdown and virtual meetings.

Bernardeta Arbaiza (General Secretary) and Miguel Ángel Sosa (Training Secretary) traveled to Seville to meet Tino Rodríguez, former General Secretary of the Movement. Edison Chalco (Economy Secretary) was unable to travel to Spain to meet physically, being in constant contact by telephone in order to monitor the work and participate in the decisions.

During these days there has been an intense movement of information and documentation. Furthermore they have worked for action strategies of the movement for the next four years. The General Council established the way to address the priorities drawn from the conclusions of the Assembly of Granada, such as:

  • Continue the work begun by the working group deepening Identity.
  • Review the structure of belonging to the Lay Claretian Movement, according to the contrasting realities and the needs identified.
  • Strengthen the monitoring of communities without region.
  • Develop the communications plan for the Movement.
  • Strengthen and deepen the sharing of goods..

The Council is aware of its own limitations in order to give everything the desired range, as they are laymen also involved in the care of their families and their work. Therefore, the creation of teams and the requirement of collaboration to other members of the Movement in specific fields wants to be the predominant method of work in this term. The aim is to encourage participation and responsibility of the Regions and groups, and facilitate the expansion and scope of work to develop.

On Saturday afternoon the Council had an intimate encounter with Lay communities of Seville. Currently in this city there are five communities (one in discernment) that bring together about 65 members. A large representation of them shared a coffee and a lively dialogue with the Council. Concerns and projects were exchanged in both directions. The Council made a strong call for collaboration and sharing of tasks to be performed in this term, offering their help and assistance the communities themselves. Also thanked the Council the gift for being the place for this first meeting. After the dialogue, they celebrated the Holy Mass in the parish and ended the evening sharing dinner.

On Sunday Luis Antonio Rodríguez Huertas, Delegate of Communications and María Jesús Perez-Solano -who works in this area, specifically to work on development of communications plan- were present at the meeting. Emphasis was placed on organizing the translation team, check out the website and enhance social networks. It also raised other dimensions to be included in the communications plan and how to develop them were discussed.

A weekend very intense, full of meetings and work, hopes and expectations, meetings and fraternity, which marks the beginning of a beautiful stage to go. St. Anthony Mary Claret and the power of the Spirit continue pushing the movement to deepen the task of transforming the world and the Church inside out and give answer  to the signs of the times. Also Mary, mother and trainer, always accompany us along the way.