The Lay Claretian from Puerto Rico celebrate their “birthday” with the presence of the General Adviser

  Caribbean region

The Claretian Missionaries from Antilles celebrated their Extraordinary Assembly from 23rd to 27th of April on Holy Sunday, which was presided over the F. Manolo Tamargo, Economist of the Claretian Missionaries Congregation.

The proximity to our isle, Puerto Rico, made easier that F. Manolo (Adviser of the General Council of our Lay Claretian Movement) accepted our invitation to meet in the afternoon of the Saturday 28th of April in San Jose Parrish, in Bayamon.

The F. Manolo, with the simplicity and warmth that characterise him, shared with us news of the course of our Movement, a panoramic view of the groups, communities and Regions; and the different tasks that the General Council (and the commissions named by it) are carrying out. All these news fascinated us and we could feel the proximity, happiness and fraternity of brothers, result of sharing a same charism. The projections of our General Council, with the sight put towards the next General Assembly in 2019, call us to reinforce our adhesion and agreement with the Movement.

It was a beautiful and happy afternoon that we conclude with a toast and we are deeply grateful for the participation of the majority Lay people of Puerto Rico, the FF: Héctor Cuadrado and Juan Carlos Monroy, the two of them Advisers in Puerto Rico, and some very important events for all. In the first place, the presence of our loved F. Manolo, the 30 Anniversary of our Movement and the 25 years of the group of Lay Claretian, “San Jose” in Puerto Rico.

“The Lord has done great things for us, we are filled with joy”

Nancy Burgos, LC. (Coordinator R Caribbean)