Which question would you ask a Christian? LayClaretian of Seville answer you

  Betica Region Spain, Vocational Promotion

On the past 19, 20 and 21 October, an exhibition called “Called to Holiness” was held in Seville (Spain). It took place in the central San Francisco square, and all lay movements and associations of the diocese participated. Each movement or association could set up a stand in which they showed its reality to the rest of the Sevillian Church and to the city.

Lay Claretians participated actively, in spite of the fact that it coincided with the Claret School’s patronal feasts, in which we also participated. We not only mounted our stand, but we also did an activity called “The Tent of Meeting”. We stopped people on the street and proposed them to think which question they would ask a Christian. Then we printed the questions and exposed them in our tent in the exhibition, asking the volunteers from the different movements to freely answer them.

It was a very gratifying weekend. It was both a missionary activity and a communion experience between the different groups, movements and charisms that there are in our diocese.

Ramón Gutierrez, sc (Seville)