XIX Regional Assembly in Venezuela

  Assemblies, Venezuela Region

The Movement of Lay Claretian of Venezuela realized its XIX Assembly in the city of Barquisimeto, the days 7th, 8th and 9th of September of 2018, in the Missionary House of Consolata.

Three groups from Barquisimeto: Oeste, Anclistas and Barquisimeto, and two rural communities: Bobare and Usera, assisted to this Assembly.

Because of transport problems, the groups of Mérida and Barinas could not assist. In Venezuela, our country, there is barely no collective transport. The Lay people of the rural environment also have difficulties with the transport. In the case of Barinas and Mérida, they are states located at 7 hours from Barquisimeto. Some Lay people could not assist either due to illness or home accident.

Despite the difficulties, thank God the assembly took place, with a lot of sacrifice; but with a lot of love for the Movement of Lay Claretian.

The topics given were Claretian Spirituality, Self-esteem, without forgetting Identity, Vocation and Mission… very rich and motivating topics. We imagined the way Claret lived this spirituality in his time and the way we lay claretian live it today. There are many challenges: How are we testimony? How do we share those charisms with others in a country with so many problems?

F. Elvy Marcella (CMF) accompanied us supporting and making important the role of the Lay people today in church. There was also a Eucharistic celebration, Happiness Hour, birthday party… A way of strengthen our brotherhood, as the true family we are.

Four Lay Claretian from Bobare, in judgement, asked for being included in the Movement of Lay Claretian.  This admission was left for 24 October, day we celebrate Our Saint’s day and we Lay Claretian that day renewed our compromise to the Christian community.

The new Regional Council was chosen for the next three years. Coordinator: Yalmar Linárez (Anclista); of Formation: Anibal Sánchez (Usera); of Economy: Nyhobe de Martínez (Barquisimeto); Secretary: Xiomara Gonzàlez (Oeste); and for Communication: Danilo Rodríguez (Barquisimeto).

The assembly served for sharing a lot and for getting closer, as the great Family we are. We thank the Global Council for looking after the assembly and also for their prayers; and Lay Claretian brothers that also looked after the Lay Claretian from Venezuela. Please, keep praying for our country. We request the Holy Spirit and S. Antonio Maria Claret and Virgin of Coromoto, Patron Saint of Venezuela (being today her day), to keep blessing as their intercession so that the situation of our country can change.

María Ledezma, Lay Claretian from Venezuela.

The new Regional Council.  from left to right: Yolmar Linàrez (coordinator), Nyhobe de Martinez (economy), Xiomara Gonzàlez (secretary) y Anibal Sànchez (formation)