4th day – Getting to know Bilbao: Projects and a stroll through the city

  11st General Assembly

We woke up to the results of the poll for the election of the General Council. We had enough to talk and gossip about.

The Eucharist was prepared by the peruvian communities. In the offertory we presented the brothers and sisters we have in discernment.

Today has more of a convivial character. In the morning the projects of Sortarazi and Claret Enea were presented to us.

The Sortarazi Association began in 1991 and arose from the community of Lay Claretians of CES-SC, Leioa, R. Norte-Spain, to promote and contribute to the integral development of men and women at risk or in a situation of social exclusion. They present us the great work they do and how they have been growing. For more information visit their website https://sortarazi.org.

Claret Enea Gizartetxea began in 2015, it is a project of the Claretian missionaries of the province of Euskal Herria, currently Sanctus Paulus province, in close collaboration with the Lay Claretians and the Sortarazi Association. It is a house, a home, for learning and training in values that helps people to build themselves from their own cultural roots. For more information visit their website https://claretenea.org.

Our advisor, Pedro, then took the floor to explain how we are going to dialogue after the survey we have carried out for the election of the new General Secretat. We have a first moment in which the participants can freely expose the criteria, motivations or aspects to be taken into account for the election of the secretat or its operation for the next four years. And a second moment to ask questions to the candidates, or for people to introduce themselves or answer.

After lunch we went on an excursion to Bilbao. First, we were taken by bus to the Artxanda viewpoint from where we had a privileged panoramic view of the whole of Bilbao and the surrounding area around its famous estuary. The bus then took us to the city of Bilbao, where two lay people from the CES-SC community, Josu and Diego, guided us around the different places and emblematic buildings of the city. On the way back, a small pleasure boat was waiting for us, which took us along the estuary to its mouth in the town of Getxo. During the trip we enjoyed the diverse weather of the area, cloudy, sunny, rainy, all in the same afternoon.

We had dinner in a brewery, a typical restaurant of the Basque Country, very close to the Askartza-Claret school. After dinner, we returned to the Atalaia residence to rest from the intense day of walking.