Lay Claretian in Congo

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In the Claretian Delegation of Congo there are several lay groups of followers of the Spirit of Claret. For years they organize and coordinate as Lay Claretian from Congo. In recent times, they have expressed interest in learning more about the Lay Claretian Movement and think the possibility of joining and coordinating with it.

In order to, Jean Pierre Tukwezo -National Secretary of the Lay Claretian from Congo- has visited the groups in the area to know their status, needs and experiences. He shares this information with us:

The visit took place during the first days of Easter . At first an initial meeting was hold in Kikwit with responsibles of different groups. It was also attended by Robert P. Ndjoli, CMF, Prefect of the Apostolate of the Claretian Delegation and responsible for the Laity.

Then Jean Pierre went to visit places where there are groups of lay people as for instance Masamba Saint Ignatius, Saint Mukasa, Isingu and Kikwit itself.

Lay Claretian are organized in four groups of eleven to twenty-five members, which typically meet twice a month, usually after the Eucharist. Most of them have few media, as computers are still scarce and in some cases neither the telephone network. The lay people support and actively collaborate in the parishes they belong to support through activities such as catechesis, child care, participation in justice and peace commissions , and attending to base ecclesial communities.

As difficulties they point to the irregularity of assistance in some members and financial difficulties. Some of the groups have trouble to have documents and even to meet in a proper place, due to the economic difficulties of its members. However, all of them feel very alive the spirit of Spirit of San Antonio Maria Claret, that drives them to move forward and grow in their faith life and their pastoral duties.