Regional Assembly of Cameroon

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The assembly started at 6pm with the opening following our prayer pattern followed by mass. This was carried out by the Regional Assessor, at the place of the Major superior of the claretain missionaries, who was absent because of an emergency. Thereafter we had supper. After the supper, we gathered at the conference room for the introduction to the assembly. We first had the self-introduction, then the welcome adress of the host laid by the zonal chairman, the regional chairman. The regional Secretary then read the letter of the General Secretary which was followed by a time of meditation and reaction. Thereafter, we had the evaluation of the mandate of out going council and reactions on it. After a break, the regional Assessor introduced the the of the Assembly : Live our identity in a word in crisis. We concluded this first day by a prayer to Mary and the blessing of the Assessor.

The second day started at 6.30am with the morning following the prayer pattern. At 7am we had breakfast. Father Edwin, because of rain gave his talk at 9.20am, on the theme : the mission of the lay people in the church. After a break, Father Octave took over with the challenges faced by the lay claretains today: in the world, in our country and in our group. This started with a workshop in order to enumerate those challenges. At 12.30pm we had lunch.
At 2.30pm, we came back to the hall to see about the solutions to those challenges. The Assessor then came back to final declaration of the 10th General Assembly which will be presented as the best way to live our identity in the middle of the crisis faced by our world, our country and our groups.

After a break the assessor will read from the new statutes, the role of the Regional assembly and of the Regional Council. This will be followed by the election of the new regional council. These are those chosen by the Assembly to lead the Mouvement during the next 3 years: chairman: Fossi Kouam Yannick, vice: Atemandeh Ngoshi John, Secretary : Mbida Max Oliver, vice: Luma Veronica. At 6.30pm, we had mass, followed by the supper and a cultural evening.

The last day started with the morning prayer followed by the breakfast and the cleaning of the minor seminary. We then joined the claretain parish, saint Gregory the Great for the concluding mass.
During the mass we had dedication of the members from that parish. We also welcomed those from the Congregation who came to join. After the dedication, Father Edwin, blessed the new members of the Regional Council.
After lunch offered by the Parish, we left for our verious destination. At the moment we giving this report, we thank God who protected us on our journey.

Veronica Luma, vice regional secretary