Virtual meeting of regional coordinators

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On June 7, the coordinators of the Regional Councils of the Movement held a virtual meeting. These meetings are intended to be convened periodically by the Secretary General at the request of the General Council, and this is the first of the current four-year period 2019-23. Their goal is to comment together on the situation our regions are living, to share the recent activity of each of the Councils and to coordinate strategies.

This time, we talked about the disruption that the health emergency created by the pandemic has caused to the planning of each of the regions. We particularly discussed on the uncertainty that this situation is generating around the holding of the Regional Assemblies planned for this year. In line with what was shared, some common criteria were established to guide the procedures to follow, according to the decisions that each Council may adopt in order to respond to its specific reality.

In the course of the dialogue, the commitment of the groups and communities of the Movement to continue to develop their community life and missionary work in these complicated times was visible. The creativity showed in the promotion of numerous initiatives to continue evangelizing from the lockdown situation and the great effort to adapt and learn how to use new communication technologies as a tool for the development of our fraternal and evangelizing activity were very much appreciated. All this has allowed us to overcome geographical distances to increase our mutual interrelationship, sharing moments of life, mission, celebration and prayer on a global scale. Therefore, we all came to the conclusion that these months have helped us to strengthen our communion and to have a closer experience of what it means to be part of the Movement.

General Council of LCM